QED is a problem-solving shop that has been developing customized technology solutions for industrial and non-profit clients since 2007. Founded by an ex-NASA engineer and a seasoned statistician, our combination of strong theoretical fundamentals, practical computer science expertise, and high technical versatility have allowed us to design and implement elegant solutions that cannot be easily found across the tech industry. We enjoy challenges, and are often brought in to quickly attack the hardest technical problems being faced by a company — the kinds of puzzles that in-house crews have often given up on or do not dare to attempt. We are lifelong passionate students of science, technology, engineering, and math, and we pride ourselves in bringing vigorous problem-solving strategies to the table, powered by the creativity forged from our training in theoretical research labs and intense technical competitions, while also balanced by a practical sensibility hewn from many years of working experience.

While QED was originally created only to provide web technology and statistical consulting services, over time, we have expanded to become a general-purpose technical problem-solving shop spanning multiple technical fields, including machine learning, digital signal processing, data visualization, computer vision, scientific computing, and natural language processing. You are invited to check out the solutions page to learn more about our work in each of these subfields. The links to the right also provide information about our founders and technical blog, along with contact information for prospective clients and employees.