Crowdsourced Data Analysis and Collection


Geosurvey and Geosurvey Collect together provide an integrated platform for crowdsourcing the collection and analysis of geospatial data. By making it simple to route satellite imagery and pictures through phones and browsers for systematic classification, scientists, governments, and corporations can easily study geospatial information at scale. Applications include:

  • classifying land usage
  • marking settlements and roads
  • detecting plant disease outbreaks
  • tracking environmental changes over time

By pooling millions of submissions, our collaborative platform allows large-scale surveys to completed in days rather than years. Scientists can efficiently map land cover and plant disease outbreaks, development organizations can plan more informed field interventions, and online participants can share their discoveries over social media.

Geosurvey was started to address the problem of efficiently classifying land cover for the Africa Soil Information Service (, and is developed by QED (

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How It Works

Geosurvey works in three steps:

  • Everyday people identify what they see in the world’s satellite imagery and mobile photography.
  • Inputs from the crowd are verified by domain experts.
  • Machine learning is used to extrapolate patterns that the crowd finds.

Data Sources

Remote Sensing

Geosurvey allows users to analyze any region of the Earth extracted from a wide variety of remote sensing feeds, including Google Maps, Bing, Mapbox Satellite, Sentinel-2 RGB and NDVI, and DigitalGlobe upon request. In addition, users can also select from several terabytes of gridded remote sensing layers derived from NASA and ESA data, quantifying physical properties such as topography, differences in temperature between night and day, and infrared radiation. High-resolution (~5cm) drone imagery can also be fed into Geosurvey for analysis.

Mobile Phones

Geosurvey can also be used to analyze photography when paired with the Geosurvey Collect mobile app.

Below is an example application from the field of plant disease epidemiology. Farm extension agents in Kenya took pictures of ailing crops in their fields, using their mobile phone. When Wi-Fi returns, these pictures are auto-uploaded to the Geosurvey platform for scalable diagnosis by crop health experts. The questions shown on the right-hand panel are interactive and employ conditional logic based on prior answers, walking users through each step of the diagnosis with visual aids along the way.


Mapping of Land Cover and Detailed Structure

Using Geosurvey, together we can efficiently construct maps of land cover usage, housing structures, water bodies, fire hazards, and even plant disease outbreaks.

These maps have many practical applications, particularly given the scarcity of geospatial data in some parts of the world. For example, Geosurvey has been used by development organizations to plan surveying campaigns, such as for generating high-accuracy and up-to-date cropland area maps prior to soil sampling expeditions in Tanzania.

original satellite imagery
automatic segmentation of building footprints

Tracking Deforestation and Climate Change

By using imagery from multiple sources and times, we can also track and bring greater awareness to important environmental issues, such as climate change and the effects of industrial scale terraforming. Below is an example from Indonesia, showing mass deforestation that occurred between 2013 and 2015.


Workforce Monitoring

Administrators have many options for creating surveys and managing work progress. Surveys can be constructed using a wide variety of methods, such as specifying geographic names, uploading shapefiles or CSV files, or streaming in photos from their phones. When surveys are launched, Geosurvey provides many visual and quantitative diagnostics for tracking work output, reviewing submissions, checking errors automatically, and discussing points of interest with the crowd.

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Video Demonstration

Please see the video below for more demonstrations of Geosurvey in action.

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Geosurvey User Guides

Geosurvey User Guide

Geosurvey User Guide

Interpreting Land Cover From Satellite Imagery

Interpreting Land Cover From Satellite Imagery User Guide

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