The Git Version Control System

The Git Version Control System

Today we are happy to present our own introductory tutorial materials about the git version control system!


(Link to slides: click here or on the image above.)

Learning git was a life-changing experience for us in many ways, dramatically expanding our flexibility as developers, and enabling efficient concurrent collaboration on large projects that can involve technical teams spanning multiple time zones. At the same time, despite its importance, version control continues to be given cursory treatment even at most top-tier computer science universities, and the practical motivations for mastering it are not explained. In this talk, we first focus on explaining the motivations for learning git, of which we have chosen the following four:

1. Fearless experimentation
2. Efficient dissemination
3. Effective collaboration
4. Impact

These motivations are inspired by many stories of how difficult life can be without version control. Afterwards, we summarized the main operations in git and concluded with a live demo, in which we posed a technical problem and demonstrated solving it in real-time through collaborative programming enabled through git. These materials were presented at the World Agroforestry Centre on October 7th in Nairobi, Kenya, and we hope to issue more sessions in the future.