Deploy surveys via mobile using Excel spreadsheets Record georeferences, timestamps, pictures, and barcodes Work in zero-wifi areas, caching data until network returns LEARN MORE FURTHER INQUIRIES


  • Build surveys with Excel and deploy on Android.
  • Support pictures, GPS, and barcodes.
  • Data uploaded when internet returns.
  • Fraud detection and geospatial visualization.
KoBoToolbox workflow chart
QED KoBoToolbox workflow process.
mobilesurvey forms
Publish a Form

Generate forms to be deployed on Android by constructing spreadsheets and uploading them to the server.

mobilesurvey dataview
Data View

Data is inspectable through the browser in real-time and exportable in multiple formats.

mobilesurvey markercluster
Markercluster map

Scalable geospatial visualizations of large datasets, illustrating where data has been collected and incidences of particular phenomena have occurred.


The KoBoToolbox application allows field teams to georeference their field specimens and visualize their acquisition. When specimens are acquired in the field, they are bagged and tagged with the aforementioned QR codes, and the ODK Collect Android app is used to scan these QR codes and record metadata such as the location, time, field operator handling the specimen, and any relevant information about the surroundings. This data is cached and automatically uploaded to the cloud once WiFi returns, while scalable geospatial visualizations are provided in the browser to managers overseeing operations.

Our system also provides clues to possible fraudulent activity by auto-identifying sampling locations that deviate too far from the original plan. Since July 2015, field teams for AfSIS, TanSIS, and TAMASA have been using this tool to conduct ODK-based surveys for soil and crop analysis.

The following video shows ODK Collect’s operation on the mobile client side.

The following video walks through some of the features accessible through the web platform.