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Progress strengthens your data system with case management.

Many humanitarian projects rely on lightweight and freely available data systems, such as OpenDataKit or KoboToolbox, for collecting critical medical, agricultural, and environmental data. These systems are easy-to-use and fantastic for quickly designing and deploying individual, one-shot forms, and also avoid high costs in software development. However, they were not designed from the start to handle larger studies involving groupings of forms and longitudinal surveys. While there are several product offerings that attempt to address this gap by building new forks of OpenDataKit, they are often cumbersome and difficult to maintain — the equivalent of a big ball of mud, with patches stacked on top of more patches.

Progress takes a different approach to this problem, by building a completely separate, auxiliary application dedicated only to case management. It is non-invasive, and does not require you to adjust your data collection system at all. Rather, Progress periodically polls your data system for necessary information, and then generates interactive dashboards that stitch together data for all cases. The result is an easy-to-use dual system that enumerators can more readily accept, and case managers will better enjoy.

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Use Cases

Progress’s efficacy has been validated with several hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa in which QED has digitized paper-based workflows. Managers are able to immediately identify which labs are processing patients on time, which are lagging in performance, and how far long each patient’s analysis is.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Kenya Medical Research Institute

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