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We built the puzzle website wu:riddles to entertain ourselves in our spare time, and we hope you can find joy there too! wuriddles.com has been featured in various publications, including slashdot.org, the MENSA magazine, math journal publications, and Paula Poundstone’s book “How Would You Move Mt. Fuji?”

Button Trap Room

You are trapped in a small room with four walls. Each wall has a button that is either in an ON or OFF setting, although you can never tell what the setting is. When you push a button, you switch its setting. If you can get all the buttons to have the same setting, you are set free. Each time step, you can use your hands to either press two buttons simultaneously, or just one button. As soon as this occurs, the room spins around violently, disorienting you so that you can no longer tell which side is which. How can you escape?

You can use the Button Trap Room app to help you solve this problem. When you are desperate, you can find discussions of solutions at the Button Trap Room Forum Thread from wuriddles.com.


Purdue Math Problem of the Week

Sometimes we participate in this problem solving game just for fun. Most of the time we solve the problems correctly, but once a while, we fail. Here are some sample writeups that we have worked on:


Blogging is so 1990s and for try-hards. That’s why we like Twitter. Twitter is like owning your own newspaper, but without the losses. In fact, if the press would cover us accurately and honorably, then we would have far less reason to tweet, believe me. But we have not been getting equal time in these one-sided development meetings, even though more and more people have been saying that we should be granted equal time. So we must tweet!