QED builds technology solutions and provides advisory services for organizations, governments, and corporations that are willing to pursue causes worth fighting for.

We help clients formulate problems carefully, and translate abstract calls for action into concrete solutions that users can verify with their own eyes.

Our core competency now is building tech to amplify knowledge and information transparency in the third world. We collaborate with several agricultural and medical organizations in Africa. This line of work often poses unusual constraints in infrastructure or regulations that require finding creative solutions to bypass … a creativity that aligns with the hacker spirit.

Our name, QED, conveys our belief in channeling mathematical principles and the highest epistemic standards to best serve the world’s needs. This influence stems from the experiences of our founders — an ex-NASA engineer and an ex-statistics professor — in basic research. Our combination of theoretical fundamentals, software engineering expertise, and willingness to trek paths into the unknown allows us to build elegant and highly aggressive solutions that are often not easily found in the development space.

When our founders started providing services in 2007, they focused on back-end technologies and statistical consulting. However, over time we learned this was not enough to meet customer needs. The best learning models, and the most well-intentioned randomized trials, all achieve nothing without a healthy circulatory system of clean, systematically organized data — the lifeblood of any modern business. Consequently, over time QED has needed to develop expertise in every aspect of the data lifecycle. This includes data collection, data management, machine learning and digital signal processing, computer vision, NLP, cloud computing, and data visualization.

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