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SPEED stands for Scalable Pipeline for Efficient Extraction of Data. Many fields of research vital to our long-term survival, such as agriculture and ecology, have relatively little data by modern data science standards. As software engineers, we aim to do our part by building digital infrastructure enabling organizations with no IT expertise to more easily work their way towards big data, without having to build so many components in house. This infrastructure is an end-to-end workflow supporting users through all the major parts of a geospatial scientific collection, including region of interest identification, mobile phone surveys, barcoding, drone control and processing, data portals for laboratory analysis, and web mapping.

SPEED Diagram

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The name “SPEED” in all caps was also deliberately chosen as a dual to the Swahili idiom “pole, pole” often heard throughout Tanzania, which translates to “slow, slow”. This saying suggests a relaxed and laid-back attitude. To convey efficiency and urgency, we wish to promote “haraka, haraka” as the new standard.

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