Yet Another Agriculture App

The agricultural advisory space is inundated with applications produced by hundreds different research and aid agencies. It can feel overwhelming to navigate them all, and perhaps even more so for farmers. To help us navigate and understand prior art, we have gathered all the apps we could find into one bundle:

The accumulated deployable knowledge of N billion dollars of agricultural research, now in a single download in the Play Store. You are invited to experiment with these applications and supply your candid reviews and ratings below.

GDU Calculator

The Ag PhD GDU Calculator is a reference for corn and wheat growers to determine the amount of Growing Degree Units for their crops in the current crop season. Includes day-by-day breakdown of temperature and GDU data and has the option for push notifications informing growers of potential problems in their fields based on their crop growth stage, as calculated by the crop GDU from planting date.

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