The Mission

We amplify knowledge and information transparency in the third world.
We achieve this by designing end-to-end technologies to maximize leverage of data.
We help clients formulate problems carefully, translating calls for action into concrete solutions.
We overcome infrastructural and legal barriers by embracing creativity and the hacker spirit.
And we insist on only the highest epistemic standards of proof.


If Ag is so important, where's all the data?


Nowhere. It's SAD!

Let's build tech to collect ag data at scale.

Machine Learning

How does the story of John Henry end?

Machine Learning

He dies, with his hammer in his hand.

Would you like to join him?

Or would you rather build the steam engine that kicked his ass?


To move fast, you need wheels.


How many wheels have you reinvented?

We have all the wheels you'll need.

In one place.

Computer Vision

What do you spy with your little eye?

Computer Vision


You wear spectacles and your eyesight sucks.

CATS can see better than you.

Remote Sensing

What does it mean that God is omniscient?

Remote Sensing

It means God has a multi-million dollar DigitalGlobe Pro subscription.

But what about us?

Cloud Computing

How's that HPC server installation going?

Cloud Computing

Stop the madness.

No one in Silicon Valley does that stupid shit anymore, and neither should you.

3D Printing

We don't MAKE things anymore!

3D Printing

STOP getting ripped off by foreign countries!

We will build it.

And we will build it very inexpensively.


You haven't finished reading Wikipedia yet?!


No human ever has or ever will.

ONLY a computer can.

Software Engineering

Learn programming in ONLY 24 HOURS!

Software Engineering

Learn Kung Fu in 24 Hours?!

To tame complexity, speed, sustainability, and usability ...

... Patience we must have!

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From Our Blog


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