ScanForm for rapid case reporting in Africa!


Quantitative Engineering Design

Scientific Computing for Health and Agriculture

QED builds data systems and AI for health and agriculture.
Our partners include hospitals, labs, farmers, and factories in Africa and Asia.
We help organizations lower costs and scale operations through automation.


The Mission

Amplify knowledge and information transparency.

Translate abstract proposals into concrete solutions.

Overcome infrastructural barriers by embracing creativity and the hacker spirit.

And Don’t Be Evil! No advertising or military work allowed.

Key Projects

Digitize PAPER

Transcribe handwritten forms in a snap with your smartphone.
Auto-transcribed text is exported to Excel in under a minute.

Generate MAPS

Deliver scalable maps of croplands and building footprints online.
Map land cover and buildings across the planet.

Featured on Goalkeepers (2018) and The Gates Notes (2019)

Regions Where We Work

Incorporations:   (1) USA, (2) Poland, and (3) Kenya (QED Africa Ltd.)