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Efficient Electronic Capture of
Paper Medical Registry Books


ScanForm enables frontline workers in remote areas to collect vital and time-sensitive information in resource poor conditions.

By using ScanForm, paper forms can be transcribed with a single smartphone photo. Once the photo is uploaded to the cloud, the handwriting is transcribed using artificial intelligence, and is exportable to Excel. Summary statistics and visual analytics can be auto-computed in real-time.

This technology, built by QED, has been used for several years for epidemiological surveillance in Kenya, and has been highlighted on The Gates Notes. It makes near real-time surveillance possible even in rural medical clinics lacking electronic infrastructure, but the surveillance of malaria, HIV, and TB remains crucial. Paper guarantees that data entry is straightforward and scalable, and ScanForm ensures that data will be received.

Fill Out a Paper Form

Take a Picture

Automatically Digitized Text

To Excel in Under a Minute


Step 1: Write on paper
Step 1: Write on paper
Step 2: Take a photo
Step 2: Take a photo

Handwritten data is digitized and exportable to Excel within 60 seconds.

Step 3: Data is digitized
Step 3: Data is digitized
Step 4: Fully digitized data ready to export to excel!
Step 4: Fully digitized data ready to export to excel!

Photograph on left. Digitally populated and auto-transcribed template on the right.


ScanForm Process Animation

ScanForm Demonstration

Dr Pedro L. Alonso
“Weak data collection systems are hampering a timely and effective response to malaria. The epidemic in Angola offers a stark reminder of the importance of strong surveillance.”
— Dr. Pedro L. Alonso, Director, Global Malaria Program, WHO


Paper is Everywhere! Especially in global health!

pile of forms
pile of books
existing medical form

Paper records are NOT leaving anytime soon.

But we must extract data from them to properly quantify health epidemics.

The current situation is a cascade of errors!

data quality degradation

Why not just use all-digital systems?

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Lack of stable electricity
  • Lack of computer infrastructure
  • Paper is often still required
photo of a rural clinic

Solution: ScanForm

Keep using paper.

Extract handwritten data, from paper to Excel, in 60 seconds.

scanform solution paper
scanform solution phone
scanform solution transcribe text
scanform excel in 60 seconds

Paper itself isn’t the problem. Extracting data is!

And that’s what ScanForm does.

Collect timely, granular, and accurate data from paper.

Media Kit

Download a printable version of the ScanForm flyer.

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Mentioned by GatesNotes
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
“Defeating malaria is absolutely critical to ending poverty, improving the health of millions, and enabling future generations to reach their full potential ... Strong health and disease surveillance systems halt epidemics that take lives, disrupt economies, and pose global health security threats.”
— Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, General-Director, WHO


We express our gratitude to our medical partners for presenting the problem to us, for allowing our engineering teams to be embedded into their day-to-day operations, for opening their homes to us and providing us with their hospitality, and for their partnership and support.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Kenya Medical Research Institute