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Marketing Director

US/Kenya/Malawi/Nigeria or remote


Basic Requirements

  • Dedication of at least 24 hrs/week.
  • Good fluency in English speaking and writing (typing > 35 wpm).
  • Critical thinking skills, expressiveness, and team-oriented attitude.
  • And you have to care about the work that you do!
  • Top-notch skills in oral, written, and visual communication
  • +3 years of experience in direction of marketing content and online media strategy
  • Proven track record of elevating online profiles and unique views, with numbers to prove it
  • Piercing sense of visual aesthetics and wordsmithery with razor-sharp precision

Nice to haves

  • Passion for technology and public health
  • Strong knowledge of both Western and East African cultures

Work with us and contribute to these projects

Direct viral marketing campaigns for QED over the web, social media, and news outlets

Perks of working with QED

Unusual, socially conscious projects

Little bureaucracy

Travel to exotic places around the world!

QED provides mission-critical support to health and agricultural projects in 13 countries. We help our partners scale their operations by using software and artificial intelligence (AI).