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    [Challenge] The Life Bill Gates Wanted to Live

    "I should have considered this path sooner, how to use technology to save the poor." Bill Gates, who is now fighting against hunger and infectious diseases, praised his blog in 2019.
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    Bill Gates: This is a ‘great’ way to use your tech skills

    Bill Gates has used his technical skills well: He co-founded Microsoft, making him the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $102 billion, according to Forbes. But Gates, 63, says he wishes he had done something differently — he wishes he’d used his tech skills to help people in need earlier on.
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    Here’s one great way to use your tech skills

    These days I spend a lot of my time thinking about how technology can help the poorest people in the world improve their lives. It’s been a big focus for me since before Melinda and I launched our foundation. But looking back, I think I could have started down this path even sooner than I did.
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    Meet a technologist building digital data systems for dirt

    The African Soil Information Service — a global initiative to build digital soil maps for Africa that now falls under a new program called Innovation Solutions for Decision Agriculture — was having trouble converting one file format to another.
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    Soil: big data at your feet

    How many of you who read this article grew up in the company of UFO Discovery? How many people have been fascinated by the "universe" since childhood-the brilliant starry sky seems to hide countless moving and intriguing mysteries.
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    CIAT Insights

    Without open data, there’s no big data for smallholder agriculture

    A few weeks ago, I spoke at a big data and open data event in Ethiopia. On the first day, William Wu, CEO of QED, gave an inspiring talk about how his team builds innovative technology to collect and analyze big data. As everyone in the audience hung on to his every word, a phrase from him caught my attention and made my heart sink in dismay.
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    How to use your tech skills for social impact

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    MALCOV project on the Kenyan national news

    Researchers at KEMRI probe if malaria is a risk factor for severe COVID-19.

    New Soil Intelligence System for India provides high-quality data using modern analytics

    The initiative will serve to develop comprehensive soil information at scale for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha


    Ensemble model machine learning approach digital soil fertility map of soil-test results coupled with different satellite imageries has changed fertilizer advisory service in Ethiopia

    Nepal Seed and Fertilizer Project (NSAF)

    The Nepal Seed and Fertilizer (NSAF) project facilitates sustainable increases in Nepal’s national crop productivity, income and household-level food and nutrition security, across 20 districts, including five earthquake-affected districts.
    Krishi Prabidhi

    Krishi Prabidhi is the product of Nepal Seed and Fertilizer project which aim to facilitate sustainable increases in national crop productivity, economic welfare and household-level food security, working in 20 Feed the Future Zone of Influence districts and in five earthquake-affected districts.
    ICAP at Columbia University

    ICAP’s FIKIA Project in Kagera Region Becomes a Model for Rural HIV Outreach Services

    Zuhura, 19, has a story shared by many young women from rural settlements in Kagera, a region in Tanzania bordering Lake Victoria. After her parents separated when she was 15, she moved to the nearest town, intending to earn a living selling fruit at the local fish market.
    TED talk by Sanergy

    Why We Need To Talk Shit | Lindsay Stradley

    It’s hard to resolve an issue when you can’t talk about it. Lindsay Stradley brings up an important sanitation issue that spans the world: No one wants to talk about poop. So, human waste becomes an unresolved issue in many developing regions. Lindsay breaks down what she and her organization, Sanergy, do in Nairobi’s growing informal cities to build an economical sanitation solution.