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Malawi ScanForm Support Technician, HIV



Basic Requirements

  • Highly preferred full-time employment of at least 40 hours per week. Promising students with exceptional skills should contribute at least 24 hrs/week.
  • Good fluency in English speaking and writing (typing > 35 wpm).
  • Critical thinking skills, expressiveness, and team-oriented attitude.
  • And you have to care about the work that you do!
  • Residency in Malawi.
  • 5 years of experience working as a paid HDA in Malawian health clinics or communities.
  • 3 years of experience working as a supervisor of HDAs.
  • Native fluency in both English and Chichewa.
  • Patience.
  • Emotional intelligence and strong face-to-face communications skills.
  • Strong knowledge of ScanForm.
  • Knows HIV guidelines and the 3-test algorithm by heart.
  • Strong logical reasoning and attention to detail.
  • Composing field reports and summaries.
  • Ability to listen carefully to our clients and communicate their desires accurately back to the team.
  • Enthusiasm for improving health care and data management for patients, nurses, and doctors.

Nice to haves

  • Experience working with Excel spreadsheets.
  • Experience working with computers.

Work with us and contribute to these projects

Provision of technical support, and assistance to governments with data quality monitoring and evaluation. Identify problems, diagnose causes, and resolve or delegate tickets to appropriate staff.

Remote technical assistance guided by data, answering phone calls reactively, and also making phone calls pro-actively, to improve data quality

In-person training and mentorship during regular site supervision nationwide

Perks of working with QED

Unusual, socially conscious projects

Little bureaucracy

Travel to exotic places around the world!

QED provides mission-critical support to health and agricultural projects in 13 countries. We help our partners scale their operations by using software and artificial intelligence (AI).