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Scientific Research Assistant



Basic Requirements

  • Dedication of at least 24 hrs/week, but preferably full time.
  • Good fluency in English speaking and writing (typing > 35 wpm).
  • Critical thinking skills, expressiveness, and team-oriented attitude.
  • And you have to care about the work that you do!
  • Formal academic studies in engineering and/or practical lab experience in one of the natural sciences, such as chemistry, physics, biology, geology, soil science, crop science, or environmental science.
  • Number sense.
  • Logical reasoning and ability to express ideas clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • Willingness and interest in working with people from other cultures.
  • Some experience and passion for teaching in the natural or mathematical sciences, and giving lectures to students.
  • Capable of handling face-to-face or remote communications with scientists and vendors from around the world, from places as diverse as Poland, Tanzania, Louisiana, Malawi, and Taiwan.

Nice to haves

  • Domain expertise in chemistry, or medicine / public health, or agriclture, or physics domain knowledge and/or interest in the sustainable development goals, particularly in agriculture, climate change, public health, and/or assisting developing countries
  • Experience with some common makerspace techniques for constructing DIY products, such as 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, breadboarding, CNC, etc.
  • Experience with computer programming

Work with us and contribute to these projects

Composition of scientific experiments and pedagogical materials for teaching fundamental scientific concepts to kids, using our portable spectrophotometer (ScanSpectrum)

Assistance with scientific research, including collection and analysis of data using ScanSpectrum

Test and benchmark ScanSpectrum devices

Search for new funding opportunities and research projects, and assist with the composition of proposals

Perks of working with QED

Unusual, socially conscious projects

Little bureaucracy

Travel to exotic places around the world!

QED provides mission-critical support to health and agricultural projects in 13 countries. We help our partners scale their operations by using software and artificial intelligence (AI).